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7 Online Surveys that pays in Nigeria

Sure, here are some online survey websites that are known to pay users in Nigeria:

1. Opinion Space Africa: This platform offers paid surveys and focuses on African countries, including Nigeria.

2. Mobrog: Mobrog conducts online surveys and pays participants in Nigeria for their opinions.

3. Triaba Nigeria: Triaba offers paid surveys to residents of Nigeria, allowing them to earn money by sharing their opinions.

4. Opinion World: Opinion World is another survey platform that rewards users in Nigeria for participating in surveys.

5. Toluna: Toluna is a global survey platform that also operates in Nigeria, offering rewards for completing surveys.

6. Pawns: A legitimate provider developed by the trusted company IPRoyal. It has short surveys that take only a few minutes to answer, each paying around $1. You need to make only $5 to be able to make a withdrawal.

7. Swagbucks: A popular survey site that allows users to earn points for completing surveys, which can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

Remember to sign up with legitimate platforms and be cautious of any websites that ask for upfront payments or personal information.






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